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Of course as a young boy in the Achterhoek area of the Netherlands

I often was told the story of Frank Dell. I knew what part my dad

has had in this episode, during WW-2. I wondered if details were

to be found by searching the Internet ... Here are the results !


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My father Gerrit Jan Doeleman during World War 2 lived a certain time on farm

in the village Aalten ( specific Lintelo 224 ). Together with Johan Breukelaar he

took care of an English pilot who by his walk on foot - starting Germany -

arrived at the same farm, specific in a barn with straw, just over the stable

of an unfriendly horse. As soon as safe Frank Dell was brought to a farm

named 'Somsenhuis'.


And thereafter I searched the archive of Doeleman family and I found a sample

of the Aaltense Courant, October 8th 1946, a sample from my grandfather

Peter Doeleman ( Dijkstraat 33 ) who had a subscription on this local newspaper.




And then, October 2015 I got in touch with Mr Frank Dell, by a search

via his son in law. A great pleasure. A contact by e-Mail, and lateron by

phone each two weeks. Mr Frank Dell lives in the city of Sydney in

Australia. We share the values of life ever since. We share the freedom

of our lives, the freedom of speech. And I every call do thank him for

his contribution to this freedom.



Listen to this interview.

ABC Net / Australia

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Another interview.



at unveiling a commemorative statue:




the book:


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at aircrew memorial / Varsseveld:

AirCrew Memorial / Varsseveld NL

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another text:

by Express Co / UK

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an impression of Mr Frank Dell's plane:



the music Mr Frank Dell refers to in book and interviews:



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article by Vizier / 1959:

article Vizier 1959

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a beautiful link / year 2019:



from a great short conversation:



 from the logbook van 14 10 1944 / received 75 yrs thereafter:



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from the Nationaal Onderduikmuseum / Aalten:

Nationaal Onderduikmuseum Aalten / NL

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