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Moody Blues ...

jens ...


today 7 years ago my brother jens passed ... he for sure met the rainbow

there in the unknown area ... his last words "biertje?" ... "shall we have

another beer now ?" we did ! my dear friend, thank you for being my so

smart and crazy brother ! be calm now cos all runs fine again ! your very

favorite music from your youth goes along with the picture ...

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Olivier Latry / Bach / Notre Dame / Paris


notre drame ... Paris, le 15 avril 2019 ...

mais le coq chante la victoire !

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what's that ? ...

the care for the elderly ... are you involved in taking care of your parent(s) ?

how much patience does it take ? how much legal space do you have to act

for the well-being of the ones at age ?


to me it sometimes is rather hard to understand the thoughts / needs of the

elderly ones ... but give me a try at least ... maybe others will be patient to me,

lateron ...

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Jerzy Petersburski "To ostatnia niedziela"


orchestra ...

At the Nuremberg Trials, photographs of the orchestra of

prisoners at the Yanovsky concentration camp (Lvov)

featured as one of the accusatory documents. The

photographer captured the moment of execution by

the Tango of Death orchestra during the execution

of prisoners. After a search and discovery of this

photograph, he was hanged, and the orchestra was

forced to play tango near the gallows. The author of

the photo is a prisoner Shreinberg - an employee of the

camp’s office. According to one version, the music was

was written by a captive musician in the camp itself.

According to another version, orchestra players played

the fashionable tango of the Polish composer Jerzy

Petersburski "To ostatnia niedziela".


full text at https://vk.com/photo-68995594_456289763?rev=1






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