j o u r n e y





2019 12 28 / 08:12 ...


the final journey ... thank you for the dance ...

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NH Kerk / Aalten

2019 11 30 / 16:55 ...


i met you ... again and and again ... a two times 3 hours drive ... how

isolated you are ... how small your world has become ... hardly being

aware of what's up in the world ... you against the world ... but i met

your church on the road to home ... the church you are connected to

still ... don't let it go ... we have apples ! ...

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Thanks for the Dance ...

2019 11 23 / 14:28 ...


finally we managed to clear mom's apartment with the help of others

... the keys have been handed in ... for now we do hope that mom's

new residence will stay to be the perfect one as we intended it to be

... thanks for the dance, so far ...

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Van Gogh back to the Netherlands

to where it belongs ...

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Sofort und Unverzueglich ...

sofort und unverzueglich ...


Schabowski: „Das tritt nach meiner Kenntnis … ist das sofort, unverzüglich.“

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understood ...


finally we understood the cycles of life ... we understood that mankind is

of no importance at major changes ... nature will win, as usual ... finally i

held my mom's hand at a very precious moment where we understood

that some things are irreversable ... without words ... precious for sure,

and an asked for confirmation on the next stage which i will describe by a

digit only ... the digit 2 ... lateron you will undertand it ... may God and

prayers be with the old lady these moments ... september 18th 2019 ...

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going home / cohen

mom ...


waiting for the severe storm to come ... maybe the last one in her life ? so

it has been a very precious moment with mom 91+ midst august 2019 as

we hardly had this kind of mutual understanding ... we understood the

power of nature, the directions of the Power over us ... awareness of the

never going to own home ... august 12th 2019

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Moody Blues ...

jens ...


today 7 years ago my brother jens passed ... he for sure met the rainbow

there in the unknown area ... his last words "biertje?" ... "shall we have

another beer now ?" we did ! my dear friend, thank you for being my so

smart and crazy brother ! be calm now cos all runs fine again ! your very

favorite music from your youth goes along with the picture ...

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le temps passe ...


voilà, je suis là ... avec les émotions d'une soirée qui ne veut tout simplement

pas devenir une nuit ... avec des milliers de personnes se souvenant de

l'ouverture d'esprit initiale, puis de plus en plus soucieuses de préserver le

temps, l'endroit et la confiance en elles-mêmes. et prendre soin d’un parent ...

je pourrais contrôler beaucoup de choses, mais pas les choix des conjoints,

et certainement pas les jeunes après moi ... les choix doivent être faits pendant

le temps qui reste à moi ... attendre le grand bonheur est fatigant et ne donne

pas de repos ... je fais mes choix ... le temps passe ...



heast as nit ...

Heast as nit
wia die Zeit vergeht

Gestern nu'
ham d'Leut ganz anders g'redt

Die Jungen san alt wordn
und die Altn san g'storbn

Heast as nit

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good and bad/sad ...

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eleven cities ...

maarten swam 200 kms, along the route of the 'eleven

cities route' as meant to be skated in times we had severe low

temperatures ... why ? because of paying attention to / and

collecting money for research of the mean disease called CA ...

again a true hero !

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Frank Dell


overlord ...

06 06 2019 / 07:05 GMT+1 calling our australian friend ...

" ready for overlord ? "

"yes, or couse ... but, thanks to the NL

people for taking care of me !"

"dear Sir, thank YOU, for our freedom ! ... and get back to

bed for some sleep ! "

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martine  r i p 03 06 2019


martine / 03 06 2019

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where ...

where will be your place to live in peace as by now a living

at own home seems to be impossible ? yes, many persons

and institutes are busy to design a last place for you, but is

it to your convenience ? do you feel at ease with this one

and only solution as designed by the ones who want to

take care of you ? yes, this text is about our mom ...






niki / 20 05 2019

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Duncan 2019 / Tel Aviv


duncan / 18 05 2019

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Olivier Latry / Bach / Notre Dame / Paris


notre drame ... Paris, le 15 avril 2019 ...

mais le coq chante la victoire !

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what's that ? ...

the care for the elderly ... are you involved in taking care of your parent(s) ?

how much patience does it take ? how much legal space do you have to act

for the well-being of the ones at age ?


to me it sometimes is rather hard to understand the thoughts / needs of the

elderly ones ... but give me a try at least ... maybe others will be patient to me,

lateron ...

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to be remembered ...


today is history ...

to be remembered ...

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Summertime chaos Indiana / NOS


again time ...

for over 100 years in Europe we struggle with pro / contra summertime

and wintertime ... tonight summertime will be set ...

but ... will my potatoes grow any faster ? will the birds not awake me in

the next morning ? will my neigbor-twins sleep any longer ? will tulips

in the garden like summertime ? will cows deliver more milk ?

i lost the sense of it ...

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only time / enya


only time ...

yes, there now is no need to work because professional duties are

done ... so there is plenty of time left ..

is it ?

no !

i ever never before have been so busy with other tasks which crossed

my path ... taking care of several people ... working at docs related to

world-shocking inventions ... supporting former colleagues at creating

their digital tests ... crossing the nearby Dutch farmland ... creating a

cosy place at the 'dacha8b' for the ones which need it, me included ...

and many more ... life is good now !


only one 'only time' left now ...

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going solo ...


still waiting ...

still waiting for the next stage ...


how strong you were ... 2007 ... not aware of losing your

youngest child, not aware of your incredible physical pains

to come ... not aware of the loss of contact to any your

grandchildren to come ... not aware of how much assistance

you are going to need ...


going solo so often ...

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die Mauer


ja ...

ich wohnte 50 Meter von der Grenze zur ehemaligen

Bundesrepublik Deutschland ... ich spreche die Sprache

der Kinder an dieser Grenze ... ja, die Geschichte um die

Mauer ist Teil meines Lebens ... höre die Musik, bitte !

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Jerzy Petersburski "To ostatnia niedziela"


orchestra ...

At the Nuremberg Trials, photographs of the orchestra of

prisoners at the Yanovsky concentration camp (Lvov)

featured as one of the accusatory documents. The

photographer captured the moment of execution by

the Tango of Death orchestra during the execution

of prisoners. After a search and discovery of this

photograph, he was hanged, and the orchestra was

forced to play tango near the gallows. The author of

the photo is a prisoner Shreinberg - an employee of the

camp’s office. According to one version, the music was

was written by a captive musician in the camp itself.

According to another version, orchestra players played

the fashionable tango of the Polish composer Jerzy

Petersburski "To ostatnia niedziela".


full text at https://vk.com/photo-68995594_456289763?rev=1




surrender ...

A four-year-old Syrian girl 'surrendered' to a photographer after

she mistook the camera for a gun. The picture, which has been

grabbed by the imagination of social networks, was taken at

a refugee camp on Syria's border with Turkey last December by

the Turkish photo-journalist Osman S. He identified the girl as

Adi Hudea, whose father was allegedly killed by forces loyal to

Syrian regime in 2012 ...

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„Weit weit weg“

„A koider Wind waht von die Berg,
Die Sonn is a scho unterganga
Und i hätt di gern in meiner Näh.
Jetzt bist so weit, weit weg,
So weit, weit weg von mir
Jetzt bist so weit, weit weg,
So weit, weit weg von mir
Das tuat mir schiach - und wia“

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Polygoon / NL


The news. Long ago the only 'live' news came to us by the NL

'Polygoon Journaal' in cinema. No cinema is your village ? Then

radio was your next option. Music came to us by radio, in an

abundance. And sometimes strange mixtures of music and

news, beautiful, like this song by Simon & Garfunkel.



Zelfstandig wonen


Reading. That's all what is left for most people when you are

are at 90+ ... That's the way to stay connected to a world you

are part of ... phone and TV too ... dependant of others for a

delivery of food and medical survey. We in NL lost the habit of

grandparents living with kids together in one house, the elder

ones have to live at their own as long as possible, as long as

it is safe enough ...

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In these days of sanctions towards each other we often do forget genuine

power of the individuals themselves .... we often are not aware of those

personal struggles of individuals in our neighborhood, in our world which

is no larger than a village ... we so often do not look through the windows

of our neighbors in this world .... today i present the vision of my russian

friends towards how to produce food in days of shortage ... with farmers

worldwide only there is a future !

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Sretensky 24 01 2019

devotion ...


The start of the year 2019. I wonder how many adversities

already happened. At the start of a new year we do wish

each other happiness, prosperity and health. It is such a

common wish, it seems to be the most normal thing in the

world, but it is not like that. I escorted two people to the

hospital, two people looking for their hope and their

enleightenment. I wondered how many people entered

the doors of hospitals per minute, even in the middle of

the night. My playing the piano in one of these hospitals

brought gentle tunes of hope, that at that very moment

was my intention.

Music as an "island of peace, hope and love ... "

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an inspiration to us, day by day ...

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justice ? ...

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